The Depeche Mode Custom Covers List



Never Covered Songs
    Song    Album/Single
1††† A Photograph Of You †††A Broken Frame
2††† The Great Outdoors †††Get The Balance Right
3††† The Landscape Is Changing †††Construction Time Again
4††† And Then... †††Construction Time Again
5††† Are People People? †††Master And Servant
6††† Breathing In Fumes †††Black Celebration
7††† Fpmip †††Strangelove
8††† Sibeling †††Enjoy The Silence
9††† Jazz Thieves †††Ultra
10††† Slowblow †††It's No Good
11††† Headstar †††Only When I Lose Myself
12††† The Sweetest Condition †††Exciter
13††† Lovetheme †††Exciter
14††† Comatose †††Exciter
15††† Zenstation †††Freelove
16††† Macro †††Playing The Angel
17††† Introspectre †††Playing The Angel
18††† Damaged People †††Playing The Angel
19††† In Chains †††Sounds Of The Universe
20††† Hole To Feed †††Sounds Of The Universe
21††† Little Soul †††Sounds Of The Universe
22††† Come Back †††Sounds Of The Universe
23††† Spacewalker †††Sounds Of The Universe
24††† Perfect †††Sounds Of The Universe
25††† Miles Away / The Truth Is †††Sounds Of The Universe
26††† Jezebel †††Sounds Of The Universe
27††† Corrupt †††Sounds Of The Universe
28††† Light †††Sounds Of The Universe (Deluxe Box Edition)
29††† The Sun And The Moon And The Stars †††Sounds Of The Universe (Deluxe Box Edition)
30††† Ghost †††Sounds Of The Universe (Deluxe Box Edition)
31††† Esque †††Sounds Of The Universe (Deluxe Box Edition)
32††† Oh Well †††Wrong
33††† Welcome To My World †††Delta Machine
34††† Angel †††Delta Machine
35††† Secret To The End †††Delta Machine
36††† My Little Universe †††Delta Machine
37††† Slow †††Delta Machine
38††† The Child Inside †††Delta Machine
39††† Alone †††Delta Machine
40††† Goodbye †††Delta Machine
41††† Long Time Lie †††Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)
42††† Happens All The Time †††Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)
43††† Always †††Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)
44††† All Thatís Mine †††Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition)
45††† Going Backwards †††Spirit
46††† Where's The Revolution †††Spirit
47††† The Worst Crime †††Spirit
48††† Scum †††Spirit
49††† You Move †††Spirit
50††† Cover Me †††Spirit
51††† Eternal †††Spirit
52††† Poison Heart †††Spirit
53††† So Much Love †††Spirit
54††† Poorman †††Spirit
55††† No More (This Is The Last Time) †††Spirit
56††† Fail †††Spirit

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