The Depeche Mode Custom Covers List


Depeche Mode related fun-tracks

  11 Freunde : "Depeche Mode" (1'27")
  [on 11 Freunde lesen vor, CD, 11 Freunde, no cat.#, 2007,]
  CD came free with the German monthly "11 Freunde" football magazine and contains some short stories read by Philipp Köster & Jens Kirschneck.  "Depeche Mode" is a short and very funny story about "growing up" with Depeche Mode.
  Attila The Stockbroker : "Nigel Wants to Go & See Depeche Mode" (1'12")
  [on Ranting At The Nation (More Poems About Flatfish And Russians), LP, Cherry Red Records, A RED 46, 1983,]
  Funny sketch by British self-called performance poet Attila The Stockbroker, recorded live October 24th, 1982.
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  Emhead : "Speak & Spell" (3'44")
  [on Demo 2006, CD-R, no cat. #, 2005,]
  Well, this one is quite unique - it is not a cover version at all, but its lyrics consist purely of Depeche Mode titles: 

The Sun & The Rainfall 
The Landscape Is Changing 
Dream On 
Waiting For The Night 
The Meaning Of Love 
To Have And To Hold 
Shake The Disease 
Get The Balance Right 

People Are People 
Dressed In Black 
New Life 
New Dress 
Happiest Girl 
In Your Room 
It's No Good 
I Want You Now 
(Just) One Caress 

(This Ain't) Nodisco 
The Damaged People 
Suffer Well 
It Doesn't Matter 
When The Body Speaks 
My Secret Garden 
Speak & Spell 

Sea Of Sin 
Love In Itself 
(It's) A Question Of Time 
I Just Can't Get Enough 
Only When I Lose Myself 

I Feel You 
I Am You 
I Feel Loved 
In(Sight) Your Memory 
Walking In My Shoes 
In A World Full Of Nothing 
If You Want 
Get Right With Me 


Policy Of Truth 
Something To Do 
But Not Tonight 
Sacred Shout 
Sometimes Flexible 
Get The Balance Right 

Lie To Me 
Enjoy The Silence 
What's Your Name? 
Here Is The House 
Everything Counts 
Never Let Me Down Again 

Liam Lynch : "Fake Depeche Mode Song" (1'33")
  [on Fake Songs, CD+DVD, S-Curve Records / EMI, 72435-83743-0-8, 2003,]
  This CD contains some very funny and interesting fake songs, that COULD be original songs from the original artists, but surely aren't. Look how Liam Lynch describes them:
"The sound-alike songs on this album are out of respect. Obviously, to try to capture the musical and lyrical style of an artist, you have to listen to that artist a great deal. I see them as charicature songs, and they are ment as compliments".
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  Michael Pan : "Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus" (1'35")
  [on Pop-Splits - 10 Jahre Die schöne Party, CD, ISBN 978-3-00-030699-0, 2010,]
  This CD contains some both funny and interesting stories about songs played during "Die schöne Party".
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  Son Of Clyde : "She Don't Dance To Depeche Mode" (6'03")
  [on No One Left To Lie To, CD, no cat.#, 2003,]
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  The Aim Of Design Is To Define Space : "Depeche Mode" (3'40")
  [on Aim Of Design Good Time, CD, HobbyDeluxe / Indigo, 861972, 2005,]
                     Depeche Mode's original:    
  Don't forget to compare the back of Depeche Mode's 12" of "Personal Jesus" with the back artwork of this album :-).
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