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Massive Inc : People Are People
  [on People Are People (feat. Toca), MP3, Mphonic, 2013]
  Yeah! Finally two songs from the enormously successful Volkswagen commercial from November 2012 have now been officially released by MassiveMusic, using "Massive Inc" as artist name.
  Here is the "Folk Acoustic Cover".
       Massive Inc featuring Toca - People Are People (3:22)
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  [on People Are People (feat. Joey D), MP3, Mphonic, 2013]
  And here you finally find the very famous "Country Cover" from the Volkswagen commercial.
       Massive Inc featuring Joey D - People Are People (3:09)
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MassiveMusic : People Are People
  [on Der Golf. Das Auto. - People are People Commercial, Video, 2012, Website]
  The latest Volkswagen Golf campaign (November 2012) does not only feature Dave Gahan himself driving the new Volkswagen Golf, but also six snippets of "People Are People" cover versions, plus the original version of "People Are People".
  MassiveMusic, a music and sound production company from Amsterdam, Netherlands, produced and recorded the featured cover versions for that campaign. According to a company's speaker all the covers are not (much) longer than featured in the commercial, sang by session singers and made by a few of MassiveMusic's composers.
  At the moment (as of mid-November 2012) MassiveMusic are looking into creating full length versions of all covers. If that happens, more details will be listed here.
  Long spot (48 seconds, 6 featured cover versions):
  Short spot (32 seconds, 3 featured cover versions):
  Making Of (so cool, many more snippets and even more different versions!):
  Der Golf bewegt Deutschland - Highlightfilm 1 (once again more covers and snippets!)
  Der Golf bewegt Deutschland - Highlightfilm 2 (one more time: more covers and snippets, yeah!)
  More and more snippets and different versions…. Sooo cool!
  A spot with just the Lullaby Version:
  A spot with just the Disco Version:
  A spot with just the Folk Acoustic Version:
  The Turkish version of the New Golf commercial even features a short reggae version at 0:21!
  All covers, long version:
  All covers, 2nd version:
  Only the "Disco Version", cut and looped to a playing time of 3:02 minutes:
       People Are People (Folk Acoustic Cover) (0:04)
       People Are People (Country Cover) (0:05)
       People Are People (Disco Cover) (0:04 in the long spot, 0:03 and different line in the short spot)
       People Are People (Lullaby Cover) (0:04)
       People Are People (Rock Cover) (0:04)
       People Are People (Chillout Cover) (0:06)
       People Are People (Reggae Cover) (0:04)
       Plus more from the videos above…

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